How to Share Private Photos on Seeking Arrangement Australia

share private photos on seeking arrangement australia

Seeking Arrangement Australia is a well-known sugar daddy Australia dating website where more than 10 million members nourish reciprocally beneficial associations on their own terms. Here, sugar babies enjoy a luxurious life by being pampered with exotic trips, fine dining, and various other allowances. In return, sugar daddies in Australia get young and attractive women for company.

Seeking Arrangement Australia comes with several great features and one such feature is “Share Private Photos”. This option allows you to share your personal images with anyone you are comfortable with or are in a relationship.

How to Share Private Photos on Seeking Arrangement Australia

To allow or disallow access to your private photos to a specific user, visit their personal profile and click on the red “Share/Unshare Private Photos” link right below the “Messages” button. You can always view your private photo share settings on your “Photo Permissions” page.

If you are using the mobile app, then tap the "Message" button on a member profile to open a conversation page. Then tap the gear icon in the app’s top right corner. There you will see the “Share Private Photos” option in the menu and choose the option convenient to you.

Seeking Arrangement Australia Private Photo Guidelines

Even though uploading private photos is extremely fast, Seeking Arrangement Australia does follow some strict guidelines and does not except all the photos you upload. Below are some guidelines to get your photos accepted at Seeking Arrangement Australia. Do not violate any of these guidelines, otherwise, your account will be suspended.

Private Photos Must Include:

  • All the photos must include yourself.

  • Photos covering bottom nose to chin.

  • Covered photo of your body excluding your face.

  • They accept a couple photos, only if you are present in the picture.

  • You can upload photos of your houses, cars, yachts, but you must present in the picture.

  • You can also upload fully covered lingerie, underwear and bikini photos of yourself.

Private Photos Must Not Include:

  • Remember that violating any of these rules mentioned below may suspend your account without any warning, so be careful.

  • Any photos that do not feature you.

  • No blurred or masked photos of yourself.

  • Photos that include children.

  • Photos that contain nudity or sexually explicit content.

  • Duplicate or fake photos of yourself.

  • You cannot upload any photos containing or depicting violence or any other illegal content.

  • You should not post photos containing other members of Seeking Arrangement Australia.

If you want to seek arrangements in Australia, you'd better to follow this guides.

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