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seeking arrangement australia

Given the economics of the usual jobs around, $500 would pretty much be the crux of all your earnings for an entire week’s worth of work. So imagine my shock when a friend of mine came home with a stiff $500 bill after having lunch with an older guy. Imagine the pit I felt in my stomach realizing that she basically earned the same amount I did for a week in just an hour.

Fueled by my desire to get the most out of my hours, I went on Seeking Arrangement Australia. Compared to other dating sites, Seeking Arrangement in Sydney contains so much less fluff and bullshit. Men are clear of what they want and are very much aware of what the women want, so they don’t doggedly try to make a chase. Rather, it feels like mutual consent for both adults to share what each other’s willing to give. This direct, upfront attitude towards dating perplexed me at first but later ground on me as actually a pretty decent approach. It was honest, to put it bluntly.

One of the things that set Seeking Arrangement Australia apart from the mountain pile of dating sites is its option to provide you with cashless incentives for having sex with guys who are willing to pay. You can choose one of the site’s categories, or if you want, you may conveniently link your wish list of things you want to buy in Amazon and provide it to your sugar daddy. You can see the seriousness of the guy with the items he sends you from your list.

The address, however, won’t be given to them if they wish to by you items from your list. The probability of someone sending you things online without contact though is slim.

As I’ve said, the men in the site already know what they want. This, surprisingly, doesn’t always equate to sex. Some men just want companionship, while others only need an escort in some events to act as their girlfriends. Offers within it are also very lucrative. One old man was actually willing to pay me $300 for tea! For sex, some men pay up to $9,000 a month! For one time deals, $500 would even be considered cheap. So clearly, the possible rewards for engaging with these types of men are disproportionately large when compared to the effort you have to exert.

The only precaution I would give is that most of these men will be married. They will also probably have families. This type of drama, however, wouldn’t really bother you much since you’ll only be with them usually only once. You just have to remind your partner and yourself of utmost discretion. If you’re the type to not mind this type of drama though, then go sashay through those daddies.

Overall, the site is pretty good! It provides a roster of excellent prospective sugar daddies that are upfront, direct, and willing to pay. That’s about it. Enjoy!

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