How To Deactivate Seeking Arrangement Australia Account

Deactivate Seeking Arrangement Australia Account

Seeking Arrangement Australia is a unique dating website. If you have already found your Australain sugar daddies that you have been searching for, you might be considering to deactivate your account.

As a member of Seeking Arrangement Australia, you can terminate your membership whenever you wish, for any reason by following the steps on the deactivate account section in your account settings or upon your receipt of email or written notice of termination.

When you deactivate your Seeking Arrangement Australia account, you agree that any unused or remaining subscription and credits will be automatically forfeited with no refunds that will be issued. In addition, if your deactivated account is activated in the future, you agree that any unused or remaining membership subscription and credits will not be restored with your account.

You also have to bear in mind that subscription or credits bought for a certain account is non-transferable. You agree that any unused or remaining membership subscription or credits affiliated with an active or deactivated account will not be transferred to any other seeking an arrangement account that belongs to someone else or to you.So, if you have already made up your mind, follow the steps below on how to deactivate your seeking arrangement Australia account:

  • Open Seeking Arrangement Australia site: Simply go to your favorite browser and enter the web address of the dating site.

  • Sign in to your account: Just like you used to do, you sign in by entering your email address and password that you are using on this site. Then, click sign in button.

  • Go to settings: Go to settings after you click on your name that can be found in the right corner of the page.

  • Click “Deactivate Account” button: This button can be found on the bottom of your Settings page. Just click it.

  • Reason for deactivation: After you click the “Deactivate Account” button, you need to choose a reason for the closure of your SeekingArrangementAustralia account.

  • The following reasons can be found:

    • I didn’t find what I wanted.

    • I didn’t feel safe.

    • I’m no longer dating online.

    • I’m taking a break from the site.

    • I’d rather not say.

    • Other.

    Right below it, you can find a field where you can state your reason under “Other.”

    Afterward, you press the "Deactivate" button just below the said field.

  • See result: After these steps, you can see the result of the deactivation process. You will see this message: “We’re sorry to see you go.” Your account is now removed. Right below it is a note that says: “You can reactivate your account by logging into seeking arrangement Australia with your current email and password.”

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