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Seeking Arrangement Australia is a website for young college ladies seeking Sugar daddies and young college men seeking sugar mummies.

Once you have signed up. You will have to complete your profile to 100% while completing your profile you will be required to add your picture to your profile. These steps below will assist you to add a picture on seeking arrangement Australia.

Add Pictures Though Seeking Arrangement Website

  • The first step is the simplest step for online users, what you will do is to first search for the seeking arrangement Australia website address.

  • The next step will be to look for the signup button on the top right or anyway within the web page in front of your browser.

  • The next step is to click the signup button once you have located it.

  • The next thing to do is to fill in your basic information requirement; this information will include your first name, your second name, your sir name, your email address, your password and user name, your location address, your contact information etc. If you are required to confirm your email you will go to your email and click on the website link then you will proceed to sing-in now not sign up again.

  • While you are signing in you will need your user name and password then press the sign-in button, in the next step you will see your personal information you have filled-in before, with them you will also see a section on the top right where there is an avatar or a designed place for putting your picture.

  • The process of putting your picture there is called uploading. ( Uploading your picture is getting your preferred picture from the computer you are using or your laptop and sending it to the Internet or to the website using the upload options available or the attach button or the avatar section).

  • Click on the picture section and a link will open, a new window where you can attach or upload a picture from the desktop of your computer.

  • Next, identify where you have stored the picture that you want to upload and then click twice on it very fast using the mouse or click on it and click on the attach button below it to upload it to the website.

  • Once the picture is uploaded it will require you to crop it to the best size as per requirement then click the done button below or beside it to set it as your profile picture.

  • Your Picture will appear on the top right where the avatar was previously, it will replace the avatar. You can now proceed to save changes by click save button below the page, the picture and your personal information will be saved and any user on Seeking Arrangement Australia will be able to see it.

  • If you are not satisfied with that picture you can go back and repeat the same procedure again, this time you will sing-in and then double click on your previous picture and upload a new picture.

  • When finished click the save button again to save your most recent changes to your profile picture.

With Seeking Arrangement Australia Mobile Site

With Seeking Arrangement Australia mobile site, it is made and customized to fit your mobile browser.

  • After following the basic procedures for signing up and now you have a password and user name, use your user name and password to sign in, go to the profile section and click on the picture avatar section or double click on the image section to add your picture from your mobile phone.

  • The site will open up a new window that leads you to the photos stored in your phone gallery.

  • Select one picture and click it to upload. Once the picture has successfully uploaded click the save button below to save all changes.

  • Note that once you are using the Seeking Arrangement Australia mobile site the information on your profile is just the same as when you are using the website on the desktop browser.

Seeking Arrangement Australia App

  • Get the Seeking Arrangement Australia App from the Google App store. Click install the App.

  • The app will take few minutes to install depending on your internet speed, once the app is installed a new window will App on your phone to open the app.

  • Click to open the app using your phone. The Seeking Arrangement Australia mobile App nature or interface is built to suit your needs.

  • Browse down or search for the sign in or sign up option if you are a new User, Next, click Sign up for new users, fill in the required information and confirm your email.

  • After confirming your email come back to the Seeking Arrangement Australia App. Next, for users with password and user name now click on the sign in button. browse up to click next on the profile section next to the image appearing on the top.

  • Next, the profile section will show an avatar section or an image section that you are required to upload your photo. Click on the avatar.

  • Next, a new window will open up that leads you to your phone gallery where you will find all your photos.

  • Next, select one photo and click done or click upload to upload the photo. Crop the photo and click done or save.

  • When finish uploading, click on the save button to save all your information and photo you have just uploaded. Click on the home above button to see how your photo appears.

  • Note the interface is very appealing and the same when you use your laptop or desktop or mobile site to access the Seeking Arrangement Australia website.

Uploading your real photos and choosing a good name, your profile will be approved faster and you can easily seek sugar daddy arrangement.

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